gartenSince the Middle Ages, the region around Horitschon has enjoyed the reputation for producing quality red wine, and in 1540AD, the town was called Arachon, which means “there, by the oak trees” in the old local Slavonic-Slovenian language. Manfred Tement, himself a passionate red wine enthusiast, recognised the potential of the vineyards and soil, “The region shows a very unique soil structure for red wine, especially for Blaufränkisch. It produces aromatic and very individual wines. In a blind tasting, you can recognise the wine at once. Not many wine producing regions can claim to have this advantage”.

The unique aromas of the Horitschon wines come from the heavy loess – deposits of clay and calcareous silt particles – and lime soils. Individual vineyards also contain elements of gravel in the ground, and it is a mixture of these different vineyards that increases the complexity of the finished wine.

traubenAnother factor is the local climate. The influence of Lake Neusiedl to the north can be felt, but the grapes here much later here than around the Neusiedlersee wine producing region. This has the advantage that the grapes are hand-picked from single vineyards as late as possible once they reach physical maturity. That is to say the skins and pips are riper, leading to more natural aromas and overall harmony of the wines.



The original vision of ARACHON T.FX.T was furthermore realised with the opening of the new ARACHON T.FX.T Barrique Cellar, set beautifully in the vineyards of Horitschon, in 2004. The contemporary design of the 1500 square metre winery was designed by star-architects Professor Wilhelm Holzbauer and Dieter Irresberger. It poses state of the art equipment with a fully acclimatised maturation celler for over 1000 casks, facilities for storage, aging, bottling as well as a Visitors Centre for wine tastings and events.

fassadeConcurrently, the Vinification facilities of the Vereinte Winzer just 300 metres from the ARACHON T.FX.T Barrique Cellar were significantly updated to include computer controlled fermentation, new stainless steel tanks and a new press house. Winemaker Wolf Gregor therefore has the perfect facilities, combined with his immense knowledge and expertise, to manage the processing of the grapes and the maturation of this high quality wine according to the wishes of Illa Szemes, F.X. Pichler and Manfred Tement.